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Bodega El Penitente

Bodegas Arautava

The owner, Mr. Américo García Núñez was born among barrels. His father, Casiano, already in 1939 decided to make his own wine and sell it in Aguamansa, in the highlands of the Orotava Valley. This attachment to the land, to his roots and to his family always guided Américo, an early winegrower who always had in mind to make the best possible wine. His vision and hard work led him to be the forerunner and executor of the quality wine revolution in the Orotava Valley, the volcanic land where he was born and which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from the slopes of Mount Teide.

Making wine in La Orotava is a commitment to history. Its wines were celebrated in the noblest wineglasses of Europe and the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries, as witnessed by the many quotations in the literature of the time. William Shakespeare came to enjoy the succulent “canarysack”, conveying this joy in Henry IV and The merry wives of Windsor.


Camino de La Habanera, 286, La Orotava 38300.


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Arautava – Finca La Habanera - Bodegas de Miranda


Blanco Seco-Listán blanco, Blanco Seco-Albillo Criollo, Blanco Dulce-Listán blanco, Tinto tradicional, Tinto Barrica, Tinto Maceración carbónica, Tinto Dulce.
Bodega El Penitente
Bodega El Penitente

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La gestión de la D.O.P. de Vinos "Valle de La Orotava" realizada por este Consejo Regulador es financiada, parcialmente, por el Gobierno de Canarias con fondos provenientes del presupuesto de gastos del Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria.

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