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Bodega Tajinaste

Bodega Tajinaste was founded in 1977 as a generational succession of the García Farrais family.

The vineyards are included in the Valle de La Orotava D.O. The oldest Listán Negro and Listán Blanco vines were planted around 1914 with a unique training system called Braided Cord. For several years now we have been working on the cultivation of autochthonous varieties in single Cordon de Royat, which will soon give rise to new projects.

Faithfully representing the trilogy: soil, variety and winemaking, we have achieved a compendium of characteristic sensations that give great personality to our wines. Preserving its family origin, we work with the utmost respect for the vineyard, trying to fuse viticultural tradition and modern oenology, managing to maintain a great typicity in our wines, this being the factor that unites them and makes them stand out. Bodega Tajinaste has more than a hundred awards in its history that accredit the love and good work with which we elaborate our wines.


C/ El Ratiño, 5, La Orotava.



Rosado, Tinto Tradicional y Vendimia seleccionada


Vino: Vijariego-Listan negro
Blanco seco, Blanco afrutado, Albillo Criollo, Vijariego Blanco, Blanco Barrica y Tinto Tradicional
Bodega Tajinaste
Bodega Tajinaste

Our wines

Can Tinto - Bodega Tajinaste
Vendimia seleccionada - Bodega Tajinaste
Tinto Dulce - Bodega Tajinaste

La gestión de la D.O.P. de Vinos "Valle de La Orotava" realizada por este Consejo Regulador es financiada, parcialmente, por el Gobierno de Canarias con fondos provenientes del presupuesto de gastos del Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria.

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