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Regulatory Council

C.R.D.O. Valle de La Orotava

Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin of Valle de La Orotava

Welcome to the Designation of Origen of “Valle de La Orotava” wines, a guarantee of quality of the wines produced in the region, in the north of Tenerife.

The Regulatory Council is responsible for compliance with the legislation that protects us and thus guarantees the quality of its wines from the production of the grapes to the final product.

The way to express this guarantee after the relevant controls is the back label that appears on each bottle of “Valle de La Orotava” Protected Designation of Origin wine. In this way it is known that the wines belong to this specific area, with unique grape varieties, perfectly adapted to the territory and which have been subjected to quality controls for the guarantee of the consumer.

It is located in the municipality of La Orotava, on the border with the municipality of Los Realejos. 

The prestige of our wines is due to the joint work of all those who make it possible for them to reach the consumer. We are always grateful to the vine growers, technicians, oenologists, winemakers and all those involved in the wine sector in the “Valle de La Orotava” Designation of Origin for their work,  and not forgetting those who serve the products that are produced with so much care.

La gestión de la D.O.P. de Vinos "Valle de La Orotava" realizada por este Consejo Regulador es financiada, parcialmente, por el Gobierno de Canarias con fondos provenientes del presupuesto de gastos del Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria.

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